Wrapped In Love

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In death, there is love; in love, there are no limits. And always, there is hope.

When John Bickley loses his wife and sons in a devastating house fire in 2010, childhood friend Jill Barnes extends a tentative hand of support.

The tragedy becomes a catalyst for the rekindling of their childhood friendship, a deep bond of enduring mutual affection that is tested to its limits as John succumbs to the ravages of intense personal grief.

As their lives become more deeply entwined, Jill is forced to confront her own losses, and she and John are swept along on a symbiotic, brutal, emotional journey – one that is delicately interwoven with glimpses of humour; life goes on and love blossoms in the most unlikely of spaces.

Cloaked in Death, Wrapped in Love is a powerful memoir offering an intimate portrait of grief and healing that is both exquisite and excruciating in equal measure. It dares to touch, challenge and expose the fear that lies deep within us all – that of losing those we love the most.

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‘Their sweet voices are with us always. Forever young and free spirits.’